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Child & Teen Behavior Contracts behavior charts and behavior contracts were designed for parents with children or teens who need a little guidance with rules, respect, and boundaries. We created the parent child contracts in an easy to use format and anyone can download the file to a MAC or PC computer. The parent teen agreements can be printed and filled out easily. The parent contract elements are displayed on different pages so you can use any parent child agreement you'd like or throw away a certain behavior contract that don't need to be used in your home with your youth.

The teen/child behavior contracts were developed by troubled teen industry experts. This included professionals who have worked with defiant youth and used successful behavior modification tools including their own teen behavior contracts (home contracts). As we have updated the behavior charts and behavior contract templates we have consulted with some of the most experiences parent coaches and licensed therapists to create the best parent teen-child contracts.

A full intro is included with each purchase of the behavior contract templates to help you set up the parent child contracts. Every home has their own set of house rules and these should be adjusted to fit your families needs. For more serious issues with your child or teen you should consult a local therapist and they can help you fill out the behavior contract template. Therapist and family coaches love our product!