Behavior Modification Charts

Encouraging good behavior with a behavior modification chart can help your child succeed. Using a chart to declare expected behaviors and document compliance helps parents maintain consistency, while teaching children accountability. Modifying behavior can be done by recording desired and undesired behaviors, then rewarding or punishing a child according to their actions. Behavior modification charts make it possible to encourage children to do their chores, complete homework, and act responsibly. Plus, they can work to discourage bad habits such as cussing, lying, or bringing home bad grades. Overall, using a chart can make parenting more effective.

Behavior modification charts should be used and tracked weekly. One side of the chart needs a list of positive goals and negative behaviors, while the other side can be used for tracking progress. These charts work best when they are scored on a point system. Points are rewarded for good behavior and subtracted for the bad. After a certain number of points have been obtained, the child should have a reward, or privilege, they can trade them for.

Examples of positive behaviors to reward can include anything from making the bed and setting the table, to turning in homework and coming home on time. Negative behaviors might include leaving video games out, forgetting to walk the dog, or getting into fights at school. The important thing is that they are attainable goals and specific to the behaviors that the child needs to work on.

Once the behaviors of a behavior modification plan have been decided, it is important to explain them to your child and make sure they know why the behavior is important and what it means. In addition, you will want to discuss rewards in the beginning and let your child know that the behavior chart is a positive way of helping them earn the things they desire. Once your child is on board with a behavior modification chart, it can be a useful tool in modifying behavior, building self esteem, and teaching accountability.