Behavior Modification Using a Behavior Contract

For parents looking for information on behavior modification using a behavior contract, check out some examples of parent contracts charts at Our website is a great resource for finding out more about parent child contracts and how to help your child modify his/her behavior. Many parents from time to time find their child or children acting out and behaving in a negative manner. Behavior modification using a behavior contract is a great way to help establish rules and guidelines for your child to help children change their negative behavior.

There are various different types of behavior contracts parents can use for behavior modification for specific behaviors dealing with all kinds of teen issues from drinking, driving, and dating, to daily chores and more. Some of these contracts are simple and might just outline the rules that are expected to be followed. However, some behavior contracts might be more complex and would require signatures from both the child and parent agreeing to the rules and terms as well as consequences of what happens if the contract is not followed. The behavior contract might also include positive reinforcement if certain goals of the behavior modification plan are followed.

The behavior contract works best when the child is allowed to have some say in the goals set forth by the contract. The parent and child must also sign the contract to show that they agree to the terms of behavior modification using a behavior contract. One of the most important parts of behavior modification using a behavior contract is to keep in mind that it is vital to follow through with all of the conditions of the contract. By following through on the terms listed in the contract, parents are establishing control over the behavior modification plan and are not allowing the child to bend the rules to fit their own agenda or behaviors.

One way to ensure improvements in behavior modification using a behavior contract is to follow through on the behavior contract with your child by conducting meetings to see how it is working and if any changes need to be made. This allows you to get a good idea of how your child is responding to the behavior contract and to find out what they think of it. This will help you to know if it is truly effective in managing your child’s behavior. If it doesn’t seem to be working, make sure the expectations set by the behavior contract are considered to be reasonable. Make sure the consequences are appropriate in helping to manage the child’s behavior.

Following through with the consequences of failed behavior every time, is the best way to maintain control and to make sure your child knows you are serious about correcting negative behaviors in the home or at school. Your child may not be happy about behavior modification using a behavior contract because the entire idea may seem overwhelming. However a behavior contract is a great way to stop problems before they get out of control. Try not to focus on negative behavior, and instead focus on the positive behavior that is outlined in the behavior contract. Encourage the best behavior and make sure and praise your child when they do well.

Make sure to check out our website at to find out more about parent child contracts, to see examples of parent contracts, and to see how they can benefit your family by establishing rules and guidelines with your child. Being willing to talk to your child throughout the entire process shows that you really do care about them and that meeting their individual needs is what is most important. If you print out a pre-made contract that doesn’t really apply and make them sign it, neither the parent or teen will be dedicated to it. By choosing a behavior contract that you fill in with what fits your family, your situation, and your teen, and allowing them to help you create the contract so that they feel it is reasonable, will greatly increase the chance of success. If behavior modification using a behavior contract is your goal, don’t just settle for the first free printable you come across.