Parent Child Contract for Family Values

Using a parent child contract for family values is one way of making sure everyone in the family understands what your family values are, what behavior is expected, and what consequences will apply for each behavior. Having everything set forth in writing and discussing each aspect with all family members, allowing each family member to provide input regarding each of the family values and consequences, will help insure your success.

There are many topics that parents often find difficult to discuss with their children and teens. Whether it be about sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, or just general behavior and chores, a parent child contract will help. You can use a parent child contract template or build one from scratch with your family values. Make sure that you go over every part of the contract with each member of the family until you all agree. If everyone has input and agrees to what is written and then signs it, arguments over enforcement will virtually disappear.

If you have children of all different ages in your  home you may wish to draw up separate parent child contracts for each child. Teen issues are very different from those of younger children, while younger children may need  more direction on general behavior contracts or chore charts, adolescents may need specific contracts for driving, dating, cell phone use, sexual activity and others. Make sure that each contract is specific to what your family values and expectations are.

Before discussing sensitive issues with your teen, do some research. Make sure you have the latest facts and statistics on teen drug addiction and alcohol abuse, STD statistics, or whatever information will help your teens understand that you have their welfare and best interest at heart with your family values. If you can lovingly explain the reasons for your beliefs and desires for them, helping them understand the dangers associated with risky behavior they will be much more likely to comply with your rules.

For less than $20 you can get an instant download of parent child contract templates that you can customize to fit your family values and the individual needs of your family members. Get parent contracts here today.