Parenting Websites for Help with Teenage Problems

For parents looking for parenting websites for help with teenage problems we have come up with a list of some recommended websites. Because “teenage problems” is such a broad, generic term which can be related to anything from common teenage struggles faced by most teens to serious alcohol or drug addiction that starts during the volatile teenage years, we will cover a number of topics and websites that parents can turn to for parenting tips and help. For some teenage problems a simple parent contract can resolve the issue, like a teen cell phone contract or dating contract, but for more serious issues parents may need additional help and resources. is the first website we want to talk about. This is a great website for a broad range of teenage problems. This parenting website provides parenting tips and help for problems from teen depression, truancy, and peer pressure, to teen violence, residential treatment centers and more. If a teen in your life is struggling with self esteem issues or just has a lot of teen stress, Family First Aid can offer some parenting tips to help parents interested in helping their loved ones deal with these teenage problems. Even if your teenager is not yet struggling with any of the issues, the more knowledge and information you have about these teen issues before they arise the better equipped you will be for dealing with them. is another parenting website that offers some great advice and resources for parents that are dealing with defiant, rebellious teens that may be in need of some time of therapeutic treatment. This parenting website offers resource for therapy for struggling teens. Struggling Teens provides resources for several types of therapy from family counseling to addiction therapy or even biblical counseling or equine therapy. This website also contains useful information about alternative treatment programs including brat camps, weight loss camps, and even programs for pregnant teens. For more detailed information regarding teen pregnancy help we also recommend and, both of these websites have a lot of detailed information to help both the pregnant teen and the parents or other people interested in helping the pregnant teen.

Teen drug addiction and teen alcohol abuse are two very serious issues that can can become a major teenage problem. There are many other teenage problems that can occur in relationship to teen drug addiction or teen alcohol abuse such as drinking and driving, alcoholism, DUI, arrests for underage drinking or using illicit drugs. There are also many health problems that can occur do to excessive drug and/or alcohol abuse. Two parenting websites we recommend for useful information regarding these issues are and

For general information and teen help that parents and teens can refer to individually or together we recommend Much like Family First Aid this website covers many common teen issues and teenage problems. Visit Teen Help for information regarding adolescent development, teen sexuality, and tips for parenting teens. No matter what teenage problem parents or teens are seeking help with, these parenting websites offer a lot of detailed information and resources for treatment options.