School Grades & Attendance

There are many reasons why school attendance is important. First of all it is the foundation for all academic success. If the student doesn’t get to the school there is no way for them to pick up on the knowledge being offered there. Studies show that students are more likely to drop out if their attendance is not good starting as early as kindergarten.

We all know that good grades matter. Your student has to understand that this time in their lives sets the tone for what is to come. It can mean a scholarship to college, better college entrance exam scores and more. The value of education can not be exaggerated.
If you have a student who has started to let their grades drop below normal you may want to look at some of the underlying reasons behind the drop. Are things okay at home? Has the peer group changed during the same time period? Is the student truant? Are there changes in appearance, health or behaviors? The reason to look for these differences is to rule out drug use, underage drinking, behavior disorders and other serious problems.
When you know that your student is in the right from of mind you may consider sitting down to visit about the topics of grades and attendance and why they are important. You will want to make the expectation clear and then set rewards or consequences as appropriate. Parent contracts can help you to have this discussion and to get your teen involved in the process of deciding what should be the consequences and rewards. Most people succeed if they have a well charted course in life along with motivation.
While parents need to be firm and clear about expectations, the conversations should always reflect the true concern of the parent. If the child can’t feel that the information is coming to them out of love and just wanting what is best for them it will not work. You may not realize that the child is feeling this because of outward expressions but if you are truly sincere they will know it and respond in time.