Student Behavior Contracts

Student behavior contracts are a great way for parents, teachers, and students to work together to create a successful plan for establishing the best behavior from each child. A behavior contract can be used for students with disruptive behavior problems that need to be addressed or just as a general classroom rule set for all children in a class to help maintain discipline and order.

There a number of sample behavior contracts available online. They range from simple, this is what is expected and these are the specific consequences for when the rules are not followed, to awards that can be earned through continually making good choices. No matter the type of contract that is being used, the parent, student, and teacher all need to be involved in creating the behavior contract, all need to agree to each part, and sign the contract saying they agree.

If the student behavior contract is being used to correct behavior you should also set up regular meetings to access how it is working, what, if any, changes need to be made and to get a general feeling of how well it is working and how each participant feels about it. If the child has a number of behavior problems that need to be addressed, you may want to start with one behavior and as the child masters each one, add another. This will help keep the child from becoming overwhelmed or feeling like s/he is being picked on.

The key to success with any behavior contract, be it student behavior contracts, parent contracts, or any other form, is consistency. Make sure that expectations are very clear and that consequences all well defined as well, then follow through every single time. If there is any question as to whether or not the consequences will be carried out, your chance of success diminishes greatly. This may seem overwhelming at first but it is the only way to achieve a successful outcome. Always make the process as positive as possible. Don’t focus on negative behavior, choose to focus on the positive behavior that is expected. Reassure the child that you are there to help him/her be the best they can be.

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