Child Behavior Contracts

Behavior Contracts – Intro to the Teen / Child Behavior Contracts

You Receive:

  • Introduction & How to Use the Parent Teen Contract & Child Behavior Contracts
  • Nine Parent Child Behavior Contracts (16 pages) consisting of:
    • Family Values Worksheet
    • Nine individual parent child contracts
    • Chores chart
    • List of common consequences
  • You can use all of the contracts or only the ones that you need.
  • The contracts are: Easy to use, Easy to implement, Minimal Fill in the Blank
  • There are benefits for Children and Teenagers
  • You could get started TODAY with immediate download!

Have you, like most parents, spent countless hours riding your kids to get their chores done, had difficulty with your child not listening to you or doing what you ask, ever heard a million excuses why, or had your child argue with you? Do you have a teen that takes for granted their privilege to go to work, date or drive? Do you have a hard time talking with your child about topics of dating, sex, maybe drugs, alcohol, and tobacco? Then parent contracts are just what you have been looking for. They eliminate the “just see it my way mom and dad” negotiation, arguing, excuses and a sudden loss of hearing that a child often experiences when you have asked then to do something. You and your family will sit down together and determine what your family values are. You will work together to make rules, consequences and rewards. There are also other helpful tidbits like making a “get out of peer pressure phrase”, understanding boundaries while dating, helping motivate for good grades, bedtimes, and driving guidelines not to mention countless others that your family will benefit from. Parent Contracts are a comprehensive and customizable way to spell out what you expect from your child. You and your kids will have a greater peace of mind knowing where the boundaries are and what they can expect when they push them.

Parent Contracts Testimonials:

One mom writes “These parent contracts really work! They have helped my household so much. I am single mom with a teenage boy and a pre-teen girl. My kids have several hours of alone time in the afternoon, which was resulting in kids coming and going from my house. I would come home to a complete mess, not knowing where my kids were and what they were doing (even though they each have their own cell phone). My oldest child, even though a very bright boy, was getting D’s and F’s. He would either procrastinate to the last minute or never turn his work in at all. My daughter would sleep all day or lay around all day watching TV. It was a constant debate and argument in my house to get them to do their chores, their homework, or let me know where they were at and what they were doing. Finally at my wits end my friend introduced me to these parent contracts. I set up our first family meeting. I gave each of my kids a blank copy of the contracts and I had one ready to go with my own rules, consequences and rewards penciled in. I explained to my kids what we were doing and that this was a time of open discussion and I would listen to any of their suggestion or ideas but that ultimately I would make the final call. We went through each parent teen contract writing in extras and taking out things making it individualized for my family. I was surprised at the input my kids had, even on the consequence. We all signed the contracts and agreed to abide by the rules and values we set. Since then we have had a few weeks of grounding here and there, some extra chores to do, some missed sporting events and practices. However, we have also had A’s and B’s. Every morning before the kids leave for school they have their rooms cleaned and their beds made. The dishes are done every day and I come home to a clean house. The kids are at home after school getting their homework and chores done. They and their friends aren’t coming and going any more. They accept their consequences with a yes mom and I don’t get any back talk or arguments. We don’t fight anymore; we are happy and enjoy more time laughing and playing than me nagging at them to behave. Parent child contracts are the best thing I have ever done for my family.”