Teen Driving Contract

Why use Teen Driving Contracts?

One of our most popular contracts is the teen driving contract. A teen driving contract can help set the rules, and detail the consequences of what will happen when the rules set forth in the driving contract are broken.

Your teen – 16 going on 30 or so they think. Teenagers look forward to the magic number 16, thinking it makes them one step closer to adulthood. However each child is different, just because they can pass the driving test does not mean they are ready to drive. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles teenage driving statistics, in 2008 there were over 6,400 deaths that involved drivers between the ages of 15-20. Do your teens really understand the huge privilege, responsibility and cost involved with driving?

Inexperience makes it difficult for teenagers to recognize potential hazards and know how to deal with a risk if they do detect one. Adolescent drivers tend to be over confident in their driving skills and don’t have a full understanding of how quickly a risky situation can turn into a deadly car accident. Due to the general sense of invincibility that teens have, and over confidence in their driving ability, teens are also less likely to wear a seatbelt, further increasing the likelihood of a fatality if they are involved in a car accident. Teen drivers are also easily distracted. Having a group of friends in the car with them laughing and joking takes the drivers attention away from the road and surroundings making the chance of a fatal accident 3.6 times more likely than for a teen driver without passengers, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles teenage driving statistics.

Using a parent contract that details exactly what is expected and what the consequences are in relation to teen driving will help your teen gain a clear understanding of the responsibility of teenage driving and help ensure they have a safe and successful driving experience. Customize your teen driving contract to include whatever issues you feel need to be addressed, from drugs and alcohol use to night time driving; your teen driving contract should be very specific. Traffic citations amongst teen drivers 16-19 years of age are more than twice as high as traffic citations for drivers of all other ages, with speeding being the biggest issue. Your parent contract may want to address some or all of the following:

  • Night time driving
  • Driving with passengers
  • Speeding and other citations
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Driving and using a cell phone (texting and driving)

Most teens feel like it is their “rite of passage” to get their driver’s license, but it is not! Driving is a privilege, it requires someone who is responsible and mature enough to understand and follow the rules of the road. A teen driving contract helps you spell that out to your teen. It helps you create some rules to safeguard your teen and others driving with your teen, safeguards that help prevent careless accidents or even deaths. Worth the $19.95 right there and saving just one life makes a teen driving contract priceless!

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