Drugs & Alcohol Contract for Teens

Why use Teen Behavior Contracts for Drugs and Alcohol?

We tell our kids time and time again that drugs are bad, and they shouldn’t do drugs, but have you ever told them what will happen if they do? Have you ever talked to your child about the physical, legal, or household consequences of choosing to do drugs? Have you ever talked to your kids about the pressures that they face with their peers to do drugs, and given them some ideas to get out of that sticky situation?

Forbidden substance contract gets down to the nitty gritty about

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

Kids are notorious for pushing boundaries, but this is a boundary that can’t be pushed! Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are very addictive and habit forming, not to mention that they are very hazardous and even the smallest overdose could result in death. Equip your child with the knowledge that they need to say no, don’t just tell them to say no. Help your child with a “get out of peer pressure phrase.” One parent writes, “My kids and I talk about peer pressure and the consequences of substance abuse all the time now. When the parent contracts directed us to make a ‘get out of peer pressure phrase’ we thought of a hundred different ones. We even joke about the one my son made up about eating a $3 burrito and having to run to the bathroom! My kids tell me stories now of how they have had to use their ‘get out of peer pressure phrase’ and successfully at that. What a relief as a parent to hear that your child did what you told them to!”

Suggested get out of peer pressure phrases to help your teens avoid being pressured into trying drugs, alcohol, or tobacco may include:

  • Act like you are answering your phone. Say that you’re crazy mom is calling again to tell you that she is coming to pick you up, so you have to go meet her somewhere.
  • No thanks, I don’t do drugs.
  • I really like you but I don’t like drugs.
  • Look at this face, have you seen those meth mouth photos, I’m not ending up like that!
  • I’ve got better things to do.

Whatever the phrase your family decides to use, it will help take the pressure out of the peer pressure. Roll playing some of these situations can give your adolescent the confidence to say no and walk away. No matter what words they choose to use the bottom line is that they are saying no and getting out of the situation. Arm your teens with knowledge and statistics, the more they understand about the real dangers of drugs and alcohol the more committed they will be to avoiding them.

If your teen/child does violate the Drug and Alcohol rules, do not wait to get him or her help. You may want to do this after the first violation, or you may give your teen-child a second chance, but we do not recommend a third chance. However, because tobacco is so addicting, we recommend getting your teen/child in a tobacco class as soon as possible.

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