Student Behavior Contract

Behavior contracts for students are a must for parents! Grades are not the only thing a child or parent should be concerned with when it comes to their education.  If a child misses too much school, is truant, has poor citizenship, or does not do his/her homework it can have an effect on their overall education.  School behavior contracts created between a parent and child encourages a child to consider all aspects of doing well in school.  The school behavior contract included in the Parent Contracts packet includes sections that allow you to address attendance, citizenship, homework, grades, and (an optional attachment for) college incentives and paying for grades.

Attendance Behavior Contract

Because schools have recently seen significant increase in lack of attendance and truancy, many schools have implemented harsher rules, penalties, and even fines for excessive absences.  Many teachers are also not allowing students to make up assignments which in turn hurts the students overall grade.  Having your own attendance agreement with your child can help alleviate the serious and irreversible damage lack of attendance can have on their overall education.

Citizenship Behavior Contract

There are a number of things that may be considered when issuing citizenship grades including classroom behaviors, being late for class, attitude, effort, dependability, honesty, and more.  By forming a citizenship contract with your child it will help prepare them for “real life” when they are rewarded for their effort and dependability and are reprimanded (or even fired) when they are dishonest, late, or have a negative attitude.

Homework Behavior Contract

The days when everything a child needs to learn is taught in school is long gone.  Across the nation schools are requiring more family involvement and more time spent at home doing their assignments.  A parent contract that addresses homework will help eliminate continual homework problems, by including specific time parameters (4pm – 5pm) or rewards after their homework is completed (1 hour of gaming).

Grades Contract

With grades being one of the single most important factors in the educational success of anyone, it is important for your children to understand the importance of doing their best to achieve the best grades they are capable of.  Besides the rewards they get from family for doing well, they should also know how getting good grades is going to ultimately affect their college education and career opportunities and income.  The rewards and consequences for academic achievement seems to be one of the most diverse of all, with families choosing to use consequences ranging from no video games or cell phone to harsher restrictions and reward with extra freedoms, reduction of chores, and even money.  For families wishing to compensate their student with money, or college credit incentives, for their grades there is an optional attachment to the school behavior contract.